Ufology and UFO's

Lights in the sky, mysterious objects soaring across the sky, aliens or government prototype aircraft? People throughout the centuries have been reporting sightings of mysterious lights and objects hovering in the sky, and others saying they`ve been taken by aliens fact or fiction? Plenty of online web sites exist that contain stories of aliens along with some of the best small business web hosting sites and blogs that are devoted entirely to reports on UFO's.On this page you will find several accounts of UFO sightings and the storiessurrounding them.

This is our section devoted to the UFO and Ufology.


The mystery of crop circles - The mysterious crop formations


This phenomenon was first reported in 1972 when two witnesses hoping to catch a glimpse of the unidentifyed flying craft that had made this part of England a UFO Mecca for almost a decade.


The dropa stones - The extraterrestrials artefacts


The Dropa stones is the name given to this artefact of an alleged race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials that landed near the China-Tibet border approximately twelve thousand years ago.




The Berwyn Mountains UFO crash


The Berwyn Mountain Incident, widely referred to as the 'Welsh Roswell' is the world famous and most well known British UFO crash story to date.



UFO Zones - Strange zones, unusual events

One of the most unusual aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the apparent existence of specific geographical areas where sightings of UFOs and paranormal activity seem to be unusually regular.




The Man Who Fell to Earth


There have been many reports of visitors from elsewhere dropping in on this island Earth from time to time. There is a very interresting text from Tom Slemen.



The UFOs in the old testament


A really complete and interesting Tom Slemen's investigation about the old testament and the UFOs. Is the UFOs a part of the old Testament ?




Was Jesus of Nazareth an extraterrestrial ?


A Tom Slemen's investigation about Jesus Christ, the New Testament and other old documents like ancient Chinese texts.