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.Strange and Unexplained

This site contains many resources regarding unexplained and strange phenomena and much more. Explore the world of the unexplained!

The site is devoted to the lives of mysterious, strange and allegedly paranormal people.

.Ghost and hautings

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Maryland.

This website is to provide a resource of information on the Internet about Harry Price, his work and his life and times.

You will find information about ghosts, poltergeists and ghouls. Our blog is updated daily with interesting stories and information.

The Ghost Research Society was formed as a clearing house for reports of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist and life after death encounters.

Paranormal site about all paranormal phenomena. Information on orbs, ghosts, apparitions and more. Full of great photos and illustrations.

ClubZero Ghost Group. UK based Paranormal Investigators dedicated to the field of paranormal research

EVP Recordings (EVPR) is a website that offers EVP recordings caught in haunted locations with other EVP and paranormal information.

Oldest and Most Experienced Ghost Hunters in Memphis, Tennessee. Documenting Paranormal Activity in the Mid South area since March, 2001.

One of the web's oldest and largest collections of paranormal stories. Read our stories and add your own.

Ghost Finders Scotland are a team of experienced Paranormal Investigators who investigate cases of suspected paranormal phenomena.

Formed in 2007, the association is a professional organisation that is committed to the study of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Real ghost stories and hauntings from around the world. Post your own ghostly experiences.

We at Moonslipper provide real solutions for any ghosts and paranormal phenomena you may be experiencing.

"When you get a feeling, better start believing..." - Jim Graczyk, Research Assistant for the Ghost Research Society.

.Blog, worldpress, blogspot and others...

A really good blog about paranormal, UFO and other unexplained events.

The very original blog about Doctor Fong's and his world of mystery.

This blog is about the passion for Astronomy of Bob Johnson. There is many awesome pictures here...

Dr. Zombie's Midnight Theater of Terror. "Taking over the world... one undead soul at a time."

A great blog about B-movie horror and science fiction films.

The blog of Randal Graves. "I know life's a bummer baby, but that's got precious little to do with me..."

A collection of experiences with the paranormal world. Site includes Lots of photos and videos on the subject.

Rand's blog about the paranormal, odd and interesting.

Fiction, ghost stories, aliens... you know, the usual.

.Paranormal, Strange and weird Directories

The portal and your one-stop guide to horror on the Web

.Horror movies and writing

The ideal website for all writers of creepy and supernatural fiction.


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 Histoire insolite, légende et paranormal

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