Dreams and premonitions

We sleep an incalculable number of hours in our lifetime. Sleep is necessary to the survival of all the organizations of the animal world, however, even nowadays, the field of dreams is still very mysterious. Since the dawn of times, men has tried to analyze their own dreams, to include/understand them in order to better be able to include/understand thier lives and thier future. The premonitory phenomena of dreams are very fast. Even today, only by chanse some of your friends you will find without a problem somebody which has already had a premonition. Seeing mens wedding bands in a dream might be a premonition of marriage in yours or someone you knows future while a gravestone could be of death. Several are contestable, but the other remaining completely real as in the case of the stories on this page. For people who wish to consult a dictionary on dreams on line, see the link below.

This is our section devoted to the dreams and premonitions.


Two visions of Death - Spencer Perceval and John Lennon


Two stange stories of premonition about the death of the Prime Minister Spencer Perceval and the rock star John Lennon. Can we know when the death is coming ?