Disasters and tragedies

It has always been hazardous for man to travel. Would it be on the seas or, more recently in the air, the risks of accidents are always present. In the past, it has been particularly risky to go out at sea considering the lack of communication means, the fact that sailors were frequently leaving for many weeks, even months, sometimes never to come back. Besides, many human losses happened because of storms, icebergs, the presence of pirates and the wars. Even if nowadays there are lesser risks at sea, an incident can happen quickly and turn into a catastrophe. And the conquest of the sky has certainly not been easier. Those are the main reasons this page is dedicated to great naval tragedies as well as aerial catastrophes, come, and take the time to discover them as intriguing as they are.

This is our section devoted to the disasters and tragedies.

The tragedy of the USS Indianapolis (1945)

The tragedy of the USS Indianapolis (1945)


The tragic story of the USS Indianapolis, the ship who delivered the atomic bomb and sunk in July 1945 subjecting her crewmen to shark attacks before they were rescued.