Curse and malediction

A curse is a state of ineluctable mishap that seem to be impose by a divinity, a spell or destiny itself. Since the dawn of times, mens have believed that the power invested in certain objects could bring great luck or misfortune to its bearer. A curse can also shift from someone to another, or haunt the sight of a great tragedy. Usually refered as maledictions and evil sorcery, discover the most famous curses and evil artefacts, even the stories that gave "life" to our popular beliefs in the whole world.

This is our section devoted to the curses and maledictions.


The Cornstalk curse - The malediction of Point Pleasant


Almost two centuries before the shadow of the Mothman reared its head in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the land around the Ohio River ran red with blood.


The curse of the Hope Diamond


If the Hope diamond has a curse on it, why do some people consider it a good luck charm? And why was such a beautiful and expensive diamond donated to a museum? The legend is said to begin with a thef.





The Witch Doctor's curse


In November 1781, a Captain Collingwood of the slave ship called the Zong ordered his men to take turns in throwing 133 slaves into the ocean...



The legends of the Lokrum curse


There have always been many stories surrounding the island of Lokrum. Just a stones throw from the city walls, Lokrum has survived many disasters and has seen many owners.




The poltergeist movie curse


Was there a curse on these 80s movies? It seems that these 80s films are linked to numerous deaths - is there a curse or is it all a crock?