Bad luck and coincidences

We all will, along our lives, encounter numerous lucks and bad lucks, those influence the track of our destiny. Sometimes, those situations will bring fortune and glory. Some other times, faith hits mercilessly and provoque many ordeals and misfortune. The stories on this page are examples of bad luck and misfortune, tales of great calamities and even… astonishing coincidences. From stories of finally getting that small business loan to start your dream business you have been working tirelessly for years to get to having your home completely destroyed by fire one may never know how luck will play a part in their lives until it actually happens.

This is our section devoted to the bad luck and unusual coincidences.

The strange dead of Lincoln

The Lincoln and Kennedy coincidences


This strange story is about a series of uncanny coincidences which link two of America's most popular presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy...


The Erdington murders coincidences


The Chilling Case of the Carbon Copy Murders 157 Years Apart. Were the 'twin' Erdington murders just a spate of uncanny coincidences, or were more sinister forces at work?





John 'Babbacombe' Lee - The man they couldn't hang


John Henry George Lee, better known as John 'Babbacombe' Lee, (1864 - c. 1945) survived three attempted judicial executions in England and is known as the man they couldn't hang.